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If you have items to add to this collection, corrections to make, questions to ask, want to volunteer to help with historical society projects such as the upcoming book, are a veteran and would like to be added to our archive of veterans' stories, want to be added to the historical society email list, or just want to let us know what you think of this website, please contact the Towanda Area Historical Society or the Towanda District Library.

Towanda Area Historical Society
PO Box 217
Towanda, IL  61776
            Fax: 309-728-2187
                TAHS President:

Towanda District Library
301 S Taylor Street
Towanda, IL  61776
           Phone: 309-728-2176
           Fax: 309-728-2139




To send us materials:

If you are sending us materials for inclusion in the Towanda area history collection, from our experiences with this work, it would be best if you would:

    Identify the people, location and time period/date of any photographs you have;

    when writing stories about memories, traditions, genealogy, save the documents 
     to a disk and send us the file;

    describe your artifacts as completely as possible (used for what, when, how,
     where, by whom...); and

    let us know whether you prefer to loan, or are willing to donate, the item to the
    Historical Society;

We have a standard Description Form that you can use in preparing the materials for the collection, and a Permission-to-Use form that needs to be completed and signed for us to keep on file.  Click on the hyperlinks to see these forms.

Veterans:  Become part of our planned archive of veteran's stories by adding yourself to our contact list using this Veteran's Information Form through email or by taking it to the Towanda District Library.  Click HERE for more information.

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