How many different types of horse race wagers? Describe it.

In all fields of sports games, people do Wagering and win a lot of money at once. Similarly, horse riding also comes in the world of sports games, millions of people are crazy about it because the wager who earns on it earns millions of rupees at a time. In order to win a horse race, you have to know all the rules of this field and before the race you have to do according to one’s prediction, only then you can put your money on the right horse. One thing you have to pay more attention to before horse racing is that there are two types of wagering on horse race, which is something like this.

The straight wager

In a straight wager, you are allowed to do merkurmagic en vivo wagering on only one horse. And its rules are as follows

  • Win– Suppose you put money that your horse will come on the first place and if this happens, then you collect your money.
  • Place– Away is the step of “place”. When you put money on a horse and your horse comes on the 1st or 2nd position, you still collect.
  • Show -You put money in it that your horse will come first, second or third. So you have a lot of chances to win but for the show you have a very small amount of chances.

The Exotic wager

With this type of wager you can do wagering on multiple horses which gives you a chance to win. But this is a much tougher wager than a straight wager, which is something like this.

  • Exacta– In this, you can spend money on two horses, on the first and also on the second number. Like I tell you through an example. Assuming you put your 5 $ on a horse number 4 and 6, according to the exacta rule, you were able to collect your money only when both these horses came first and second.
  • Quinella – In this too, you can invest money on two horses, as soon as these two horses reach the first and second positions, you will win. For ex- If you put a 5 $ Quinella wager on a horse number 1 and 2 and both of them win, you can collect your money.