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They establish the tattooed man as an ex-Mossad agent turned assassin. Becca makes a deal that if French intelligence can discover Michael, she will surrender the hard drive, which is the nickname for a man named Lothaire Bluteau, who labored for Lussier years earlier and has autobiographical memory. Sammi should be where you can get further housemates to give up, which can usually possess the first thing further than you may think. You may also help Wikipedia by increasing it. She tells him about caroline and what Damon is doing to her, but Stefan reassures her that he is dealing with it. Elena tells Damon that she doesn’t wish to be in the course of their rivalry, and she leaves.

Liz Marguerite MacIntyre tells Damon Ian Somerhalder approximately Bill Jack Coleman and what he did to Caroline Candice Accola and that she wishes him to erase his reminiscence. Damon desires to stay with Elena, so he asks Caroline to ask Stefan for a dance. After they stay alone, he apologizes for his conduct at the game and explains that the Salvatore brothers are cursed with sibling rivalry. Many reasons exist for wanting or needing Internet entry in very remote areas. Stefan carries Damon, who is too weak to resist, to the basement of their home and locks him there to guard Elena against him. Elena says she will look for it and produce it for the Ball. Tyler arrives at the Gilbert home to get the box with the donated items his mom wants for the Founder’s Ball.

Damon reveals the true motive for attending the Founder’s Ball when he Vampire Diaries Shop retrieves a crystal hidden in a wooden field in the Heritage Show. Having eliminated Caroline from view, Damon sinks his teeth into her neck, but after ingesting her, he collapses onto the grass in agony. Stefan seems, and he confesses that he couldn’t spike Damon’s drink with vervain; he spiked Caroline’s, knowing Damon would bite her. Stefan tries to put it in Damon’s drink, but he fails because Damon figures it out and would not take a drink. Caroline says that Damon didn’t intend to harm her and leaves. They ask Sheriff Forbes if she is positive approximately what is going on, and she says sure since all five useless bodies have been drained of blood.